Guitar Hero Games Are Very Popular For Nintendo Wii Music has always been an important part of who we are regardless of what background you come from. There are many genres of music and they tend to cross over into just about anything we do. Most video games have music to them and we tend to either enjoy it or tune it out after a while. The concept behind the Guitar Hero games though is to become part of it. With these particular games, you get to play songs from some of your favorite bands. You get points for playing them as good as you can. Even if you have never picked up a real guitar to play before you can have a great time with it. There are colors on the neck of the guitar that you use for guidance. You can use the controller for the Wii to play it but there isn’t that same effect that you will get if you buy the guitar to play it. The guitar for the Nintendo Wii though is an accessory you will need to buy separately. In most instances, you can save money if you buy the guitar and the game together as a combination package. There are guitars you plug into the gaming console as well as wireless models. You can play alone or against someone else too. So you may want to invest in more than one guitar. There are different versions of Guitar Hero out there to choose from. The main differences are the songs that are offered. You may like a particular type of music such as the 80′s which is offered. For many individuals in their 30′s who really enjoyed the hair band days, this particular game is perfect. For a few minutes, they can let go of reality and make their dreams of being a rock star come true. People of all ages and also Ciro Esposito really love to play the various Guitar Hero games on their Nintendo wii. You can choose your skill level which makes it easier to learn the basics. You can start out with the easy songs and then move forward to those that are more challenging for you. It is going to take a while to get to that stage though unless you already know how to play guitar. While you will really have a great deal of fun playing Guitar Hero on the Wii, you will also learn a new sense of appreciation for those who do it professionally. They mayappear to have the easy life and to have everything but they have also worked very hard to learn to play the way they do. Those who really like the Guitar Hero games for the Nintendo Wii are in for quite a treat. In October of 2008, the World Tour version will be released. It allows up to four people to play the guitar at a time. Up to eight people can play the drums if you buy that particular accessory as well. You can expect a new look with the guitar too. It will appear to be more like what a rock star would use up there on the stage. Of course the other models of guitars that are already out there will be compatible. For the game and the new guitar, you should anticipate a price of about $200.